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Seo Perfect Mass Page Creator

You don’t have to do anything; we will do it for you

Provide us your geographical business location, keywords, and phone numbers, we will do the rest

We take all the responsibility to create your SEO friendly website or landing page and convert it into mass pages. You will just provide us the industry, city and phone numbers for your website.

What is SEO Perfect Mass Page Creator?

SEO Perfect Mass Page Creator creates thousands of responsive landing pages and websites to target one specific service for one particular geographical location.

Let’s assume you are in Garage Door Repair business and you have multiple services like Cable Repair, Spring Repair and Roller Repair, so you want to offer those services in different counties of Florida like Palm Beach County. Now this is the stage where you need SEO Perfect Mass Pages which will target your one service to one City.

So, your one page should have all content related to One Service > One City > One County > One State i.e. “ Garage Door Cable Repair in Palm Beach County Florida”. And if your page will have very excellent green page loading speed on “ Google Insight” and mobile responsive of course, then Google is going to dominate your smart landing pages on first page of Google Results with very high traffic keywords.

Mass Pages Creator With More Advanced SEO Features

Mass Pages

Create thousands of landing pages or websites in minutes

SEO Perfect

We struggled very hard to make SEO perfect mass pages, 100% human written pages.

Geographically Targeted Pages

Your full websites is converted into city oriented websites.

Business Schema

Add business schema and google shows rating in Search Engine.

City Wise Phone Number

Every city has its own phone number. Changing phone number is as easy as 123.

High Speed Pages

You get a website with a fast loading speed that google loves.

Export HTML

You can export your website to HTML.


The website made by SEO Mass Page Creator works on all of the screens.

Using Variable Technology

If you want to change the address on thousands of pages, change it on one place and it will be replaced on all pages.

Manage Full Website

Manage full website with a single XLS file.

One Click Duplicate Page

You can duplicate a pages with just one click and change update it.

Enable/Disable Page

You can enable and disable a page right from the administrator panel.

Why Your Business Needs SEO Perfect Mass Pages?

As you know Google is focusing on geographical results very carefully, it shows your the results near you, that is the reason you must have to have seo perfect mass pages in order to display on the first page of Google.

For Example:  You are living in Houston Texas and you are looking for an HVAC company and you search in Google “AC Repair in Houston” OR “Ac Repair”. Google will read your local IP and will bring up the results of all HVAC companies who are near you.

Search engines like Google always use the same strategy for PPC campaigns also.

So, having Geo targeted landing pages are vital part of your business to get the top ranking on search engines.

Example of SEO Perfect Mass Pages

We have created many of the SEO Perfect Mass Pages for different industries and here we are giving you an example of A Plumbing Company.  You can see the site map and the city this website is serving in.

Page Loading Speed

Please take a look at the page load speed of our created geo targeted smart landing page. This is how your page should look like in Google Insight Tool.

Reviews & Rating

Review and rating is developed using, most likely Google to show stars and rating on the search result page.

Ready to dominate your business to each city, county and state?

Let us create Geo optimized Smart Pages for your business and start spreading your business with highly lead generating keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

The content of the page will be human written?

YES, We believe in human written contents as the search engines do. And those contents are highly creative, industry specified and SEO optimized.

What type of call to action a smart page will have?

It depends upon your business what is your target. If you want your users to call, the Smart Pages will have prominent click to call button, but if your target is to generate leads using an opt-in form, we can create to focus on the form. But if you need to target both types of audience, we will make a pages that will encourage audience either call or fill out the form.

If I already have a website, do I still need Smart Landing Pages?

Yes, although you have many pages of your website but the purpose of your website is to display your company’s portfolio. On the other hand, the Smart Landing Page is made to target your one service in one specific location city of a state. And as many Smart Landing Pages as you have, you are most likely to dominate with thousands of keywords.

Do I have to overwrite Smart Landing Pages to my website?

You don’t have to overwrite smart pages on your domain name. Your website will keep running as it is, you can create a new folder into your website like:
So, service is the new folder into your website and all the Smart Pages will be uploaded into that folder.

Do all of the smart pages have sitemap.xml?

Yes, we provide smart pages with sitemap.xml that can be submitted into google webmaster tool.

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