Web Design Trends 2016


Web design is an always progressing and inconsistent process. What is in trend today influence drop out of favor tomorrow? We once used to have brilliantly colored web pages filled with multiple sliders and what not — remember, once upon a time, MySpace.com used to be the “de facto standard” of user experience in web design. But, today, we have come an extensive way from that, and are now ruled towards a more minimal and less unpleasant web design ideology. With more than 2 months already gone by, what trends can be predictable to shine and rise to standing in 2016?

Flat web Design

Flat Design has been around for fairly a while, so this is a not a very latest marvel. Gradients and the like have collapsed out of favor, and more and more designers are now integrating flat design in their projects.


That said, 2016 will certainly see more evolution as well as a growth of flat design, as far as websites are concerned. For one, flat design is no longer being observed in separation, as every other main web design idea has “flat” pinned to it. Instead, it is being used in a cooperative way with other design principles. As such, you might come through a minimal design with flat design essentials integrated within it, and so on.

In other words, flat design is now becoming a very corporate object, and it shall be engaged in similarity with other design protocols, much like responsive design has become as popular now a days all thanks to the increase of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design

It goes without saying that mobile friendly web design is here to stay, and with the role of smart phone devices ever on the increase, it is nearly impossible to picturized web design and development without responsive design.

Though, another similarly possible but lesser applied method is estimated to increase some more recognition in 2016: adaptive design.


Ultimately, adaptive design, much like mobile friendly design, attentions on building a better practice for mobile internet users. Though, unlike responsive design wherein the same website responses to the visitors device size and resolution, adaptive design attentions on having two versions of the same content: website.com and m.website.com, for example, for desktop and mobile visitors individually.

Why would responsive design increase thrust in 2016? With more, especially big websites concentrating on mobile apps and the mobile browsing section, adaptive design is growing in reputation. Surely, it is possibly still going to gap behind responsive design, but it will still find good practice in the months to come.

Material Design

Ever since Google presented Material Design, it has been growing in fame. However, for the most part, the ethics of Material Design have lead mobile app design, and not really web design.


That said, the trend is certainly changing, and in 2016, we can certainly assume to see more of Material Design in web design projects and websites.

There are a good number of WordPress themes, for example, out there that follow to Material Design rules. But those are just a lesser piece of the total picture, and more and more frameworks are coming up based on Material Design for the web.

Scrolling Changes

Page scrolling has grown a lot over the past few years. We used to have only Previous and next links, but then came pagination, and that actually changed the manner in which we navigate websites.

However, of late, unbounded scroll has been fast impetus, with the page loading additional as and when you scroll down the content, and so on.


Basically, unbounded scroll appears to be reaching limits of growth, with more and more content-centric websites concentrating on paginated navigation once again. Social networks, such as Facebook and Google+, on the other hand, are depend heavily on infinite scrolling – this is also done so as to confirm consistency with the mobile apps of such networks.

So, for practical devotions, pagination will rise in importance in 2016, although infinite scroll is not going to evaporate anytime soon.

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