Hybrid Mobile Development

Our developers are Rockstars and they can provide you with a solution through which you can use your web applications like Native Apps. At eWebCraft, we deal with many technological aspects of our client’s requirements and with the years of experience we have managed to produce a solution for those, who want to run their web apps for a specific mobile device or vice versa, so to enjoy all the native features of your mobile device while running your web app, which is not the usual case.

Hybrid Apps work more like a Native App, but the difference is that Hybrid Apps allows a user, an access to both the worlds i.e. Your Mobile Device and Your Web Interface. Simply, you can say that the Native Apps that can work on a Web Interface are the Hybrid Apps. They have all the features a Native App has, but with an addition of a Web Interface.

They are developed using Web Technologies like, HTML, CSS, Java Script and then finally enclosed in a container of Native Program Environment. It is best for those who want to run their web apps in compatible with their native mobile devices. Like on iOS, the built-in web browser is not compatible with the Safari Browser. Though they have minor differences, but still they have debugging problems, so it surely pays-off to invest in a framework that can address all the limitations. Our experienced team of professionals incorporates best coding practices to make sure that our apps provides the best user experience and fulfill the objective of our clients, for which they have invested & trusted on us.